Slough Observer newspaper about legal case

man attempts to take international business to high court claiming they used his protected design

High Court Judicial Review Application


Update 21st February 2011 Designs Registered in Europe with OHIM.

Update 30th June 2011 First 35 business sites installed.

Push Pull Door

Update 14th July 2011 Wikipedia Page created.

Update 20th July 2011 Newspaper article written by Slough Observer. To Push or Pull Dilemma Solved

Update 21st Sept 2011

Write up by largest Sign Trade Magazine in the UK - "Sign Update"

Update 17th Oct 2011 UK Intellectual Property office have passed "Push & Pull Man" as a Trademark.

Update 4th Nov 2011 New York Patent Attorneys have confirmed that the USA Design Patents for Push Pull Signs have been passed.

Push Pull Door

Update 22nd Dec 2011 German and Russian webpages added to website.

Update 10th Feb 2012 Character animation added - Run time 21 Seconds

Update 14th Feb 2012 Film of the symbol development added - Run time 4 Minutes

Update 15th Feb 2012 Product installation clip added - Run time 52 Seconds

Update 15th Feb 2012 Video version of the popular "We Must Be Closed" sign - Run time 10 Seconds

Update 16th Feb 2012 Take the Confusion out of PUSH and PULL - Run time 21 Seconds

Update 10th Mar 2012 USA Design Patent Certificates received in the post from New York.

Update 14th Sep 2012 Research thesis completed by Oxford Brookes University on the "Human Pictogram" signs. Psychology department study ran by Meera Dulabh and Prof Angus Gelatly with input from Prof Kline, Psychology Dept, University of Calgary, Canada.

Update 18th Oct 2012 Following Oxford Brookes University study additional printed format has been created using colours green and red with vertical text.

Update 8th May 2013 In the last three weeks first couple of customers from the USA. Customers from Kansas and California.

Update 14th May 2013 Exhibition stand A15 at Safety & Health Expo, NEC Birmingham, 14-16 May 2013

Update 19th May 2013 youtube clip shows real life problems with push and pull in a panic.
Push and Pull Signs - 1 Min 49 Secs Seconds

Update 6th August 2014 UK distribution agreement for internet sales set up with company "Post Room 404".

Update 20th August 2014 Post Room 404 Limited now set up for sales via Amazon.

Update 27th October 2014 Amazon sales will be via distributor Post Room 404.

Update 30th January 2015 Delivered another supply of signs to Post Room 404.

They say that an order is going out to Israel today.

Update 7th August 2015 A sign which incorporates the push and pull symbols and also Braille has been developed.

This product will become available on Amazon.

Update 30th November 2015 Good news. An order was received from a large international corporate who purchased via Amazon.

Update 7th December 2015 Sign Update Magazine (the UK's largest trade sign magazine) has published an article on the Red and Green signs:

Sign Update: Push and pull symbols are changed to red and green

Signs are shown on

Update 12th December 2016 An additional product is in development due to go on sale in January 2017.

Update 14th December 2016 Artwork confirmed and test print ready.

Update 20th March 2018 Submitted claim form to the High Court for a judicial review of CPS closing down criminal case against BSI, ISO and Jalite PLC

Update 5th April 2018 Judicial review claim form stamped and sealed by the High Court

Update 11th April 2018 Bought last minute ticket from Flight Centre to Geneva, Switzerland

Update 12th April 2018 Visited ISO offices in Geneva, Switzerland to serve legal bundles on ISO.

The ISO website gives the impression of ISO head office occupying the whole building.

Instead ISO is just on one floor. The impression was that it was just a series of conference rooms manned by a few janitors. There was a refusal to sign for documents which I filmed as evidence. In contrast ISO sign for documents in London.

Update 27th December 2018 Jean Taylor found the piece of paper from 4th February 2011 with the original push and pull drawings on and sent them to me in an email.

Push Pull Sign Green Red

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