Astra Horn Not Working Problem

Problem with CIM and Wiring fixed a Second Time on 10th April 2014

There seems to be a manufacturing fault on some Astras where the horn either doesn't work with the lights on, the horn works intermittently or just doesn't work at all.

I had the problem fixed the first time around in September 2011 at a Vauxhall Main Dealer. The first fix was apparently to add some wiring clips. The problem is near the steering wheel not the with the actual horn unit.

On my Astra the problem seems to have cropped up again. Again I contacted customer services at Vauxhall head office and they opened a new call.

The customer service representative wasn't sure at first if it was covered on a recall. I booked the car into a the local dealer and it seems the Warranty department at Vauxhall agreed for it to be fixed under warranty. The car is a "58" Plate.

The security code (4 digit) and the Key No. (starts with a Z + 4 digits) were required.

Also the spare key was needed to be re-programmed again. Without this work the spare key would not have started the engine.

BBC Watchdog Programme

Apparently this manufacturing problem was covered in a BBC Watchdog programme called "The horn that doesn't warn".

Wording on Main Dealer Paperwork

"Replaced CIM and Wiring loom."

Both the inspection and the work itself were done for free under warranty.

Worth getting Fixed

A car will fail an MOT if the horn doesn't work, therefore it must be a requirement to have a working horn.

Link to article on whatconsumer site:-
bbc watchdog horn doesnt warn

Previous information removed as at 27th December 2014.

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