M4 Widening Scheme Smart Traffic Junctions 3-12 White Elephant Project Protest Objections

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M4 Widening Scheme Smart Traffic Junctions 3-12 - an Expensive White Elephant Project?

- The hard shoulder is often used for breakdown, emergency vehicles and recovery vehicles.

- Removal of the hard shoulder could increase risks on the motorway.

- The cost of over 800 Million pounds could be spent on other road problems eg solving bottlenecks on the M25 / M4 Junction.

- Having a curved bridge replacing the Wood Lane bridge, Slough does not seem like a particularly good option with possible implications for safety.

- The proposed bridge is East of the current bridge. It would be better on the West side to join up with the old works road.

- The disruption during the building of the new bridges will cause more delays than the scheme will be trying to solve.

- The scheme might end up reducing the width of the middle and "fast" M4 lanes which will make use of the motorway more dangerous.

Local Concerns

- Encouraging increased traffic will result in increased noise and air pollution.

- Values of properties will be reduced due to works and the end result.

- Disruption and potential lack of road access during installation of the new bridge which is planned to be East of the current bridge.

Who is driving this scheme?

I haven't come across anyone who thinks this is a good use of public money.

Opinions seem to vary from waste of money to a view that the scheme is potentially dangerous.

How much profit will the contractor make out of this scheme?

There are so many flaws about this scheme that it makes me wonder if there is some other financial incentive.

Electronic Signage

This project is being sold to the public with increased electronic information signage being lumped in.

Electronic Signage is a totally different issue and more information, particularly in relation to delays further up the route can only be a good thing.

BOTTLENECK: Re-Design of the M4 Junction 8/9

The Junction which serves the link between the M4 and the road to the M40 needs a re-think.

This junction is not designed to handle the large amount of traffic needing to go from the M4 towards the M40. This results in cars queuing on the M4 itself at busy times.

Getting onto the M4 from the road from the M40 is also slow. A partial / full spagetti junction approach would make a big difference to the smooth running of the M4 in the Slough / Maidenhead area.

Investigation by the Highways Agency as to ownership of Wood Lane, Slough

The very odd way in which the Highways agency has been going about researching the ownership of Wood Lane, Slough seems to give the impression that this project is not being particularly well run.

Link to Highways Agency Web Page For this Project

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